Top 3 Best Smartwatch Under 1000 in India (Expert Guide)

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In the current world, where technology is rapidly developing and growing, it can be challenging to keep up with all of the new gadgets being introduced.

If you are looking for a smartwatch that isn’t going to break the bank but still offers plenty of benefits, then this blog post is for you. You will find some best smartwatch under 1000. 

By reading this post, you’ll understand what makes each watch unique and why we think they’re worth buying. Let’s get started.

3 Best Smartwatch Under 1000 We Recommends

1. Our Pick

B M C Bluetooth Android Smartwatch with Camera

The best smartwatch under 1000

• High sensitive capacitive touch screen
• Compatible with all android and IOS mobile
• Come with a sim slot
• smartwatch with camera

The smartwatch is the best companion for your life. It can tell you what time it is, and answer or dial-up you by Bluetooth. It has a camera on it so you can take pictures anytime. You can listen to music with Bluetooth.

The phonebook on the watch supports 1000 contacts, which means that you won’t have to worry about not being able to reach someone important in your life when you need them the most. The pedometer will help keep track of how many steps you’ve taken during a day and monitor your sleep patterns as well.

It has Bluetooth, you can start this function by pushing the lock button. The smartwatch will connect to your phone with Bluetooth. Once connected, it’s able to make and receive phone calls directly from the smartwatch itself. 

What we like

  • The Smartwatch comes with long battery life.
  • It comes with a camera you can also capture the moment with it.
  • The pedometer will help keep track of how many steps you’ve taken during a day.
  • The display quality is amazing which gives you a great experience.


BrandB M C
Connector TypeBluetooth
Supported ApplicationSleep Monitor, Messages, Phone, Alarm, Calendar, Camera, Pedometer

2. Honorable Mention

SHOPTOSHOP ID116 Smartwatch with Activity Tracker

The best smartwatch with Activity Tracker Functions

• All-day activity tracking
• Comes with an OLED display
• Bluetooth feature available
• Receive a notification to See Calls

SHOPTOSHOP Smart Band ID116 Fitness Band Tracker Watch is a perfect gift for yourself and your friends. The smartwatch has a USB connection that you’ll need to connect with your everyday mobile charger or laptop in order to charge the watch.

It’s a great way to track all-day activity, from steps taken and distance travelled throughout the day, to calories burned and active minutes. The band also monitors sleep quality at night so you can better understand your rest.

With this fitness band for men and women, you’ll be able to see incoming calls & messages on your wrist. The smartwatch Automatic brightness feature and also comes with an OLED display.

What we like

  • The smartwatch has an OLED display which gives you a great experience.
  • The strap quality is very good.
  • The smartwatch is very lightweight you can wear it while playing.
  • The band also monitors sleep quality at night.


Connector TypeBluetooth
Supported ApplicationFitpro

3. Also Great

MAGBOT QTX Bluetooth SmartWatch

The best smartwatch with 4.0 Bluetooth

• Unisex smart band
• Sleep monitor
• Heart Rate Monitor
• 2 to 3 days stand by battery

MAGBOT QTX Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Smart Watch is a perfect combination of fashion and technology.

It comes with a classic and simple design which makes it very popular among young people as well as those who are more mature. The smartwatch features the heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, call/SMS notification etc., which allows you to control your physical activity and get the most updated information on the go.

The fitness tracker is for people who are health-conscious and can’t stay without their cell phones. It gives you a call, message, app notifications at the same time so that you never miss any important information.

The smartwatch also allows you to check emails on your wrist with your phone nearby to save time.

What we like 

  • The watch is water-resistant, allowing you to wear it in any weather.
  • There’s also a health and fitness tracker, as well as a sleep monitor, steps, distance travelled, calories burned, kilometres walked, and other metrics.
  • A smart notification appears on your phone when a new communication or alert arrives.
  • A smartwatch that has all of the bells and whistles, including a heart rate monitor, oxygen level sensor, fitness tracker, alert notification, and more.


Wireless TypeBluetooth
Connector TypeBluetooth, USB
Compatible devicesMobile Phone
Supported ApplicationFitness Tracker


According to our user experience, the above smartwatch is the best in this price segment. But I’ve discovered that B M C Bluetooth Android Smartwatch is the finest smartwatch for you after evaluating the top three budget watches in India.

It allows users to track their steps, calories consumed, distance travelled, heart rate, and sleep patterns throughout the day. It comes with a camera to capture your best moments. Also, give you a long battery life performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Brand Is for Best Smartwatch Under 1000?

There are many smartwatches in the market that’s why it is very difficult to say which is the best smartwatch but from our experience, B M C Bluetooth Android Smartwatch is the best for smartwatch under 1000.

How do I choose a Smartwatch?

Before buying a good smartwatch, you should keep these things in mind, it should be within your budget, made of good quality material, and what kind of your need. Keeping all these things in mind, you can choose the best smartwatch.

Is It Unhealthy to Wear a Smartwatch?

Wearing a smartwatch all the time is not injurious to health. For example, it can be useful while exercising and working out.

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